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The Death Skull Army clan site is a very unique site, it has its own unique design and looks nothing like any other clan site i have ever visited, it has a very dark and apocalyptic feel to it and is laid out very nicely, also the colour scheme for the site matches very well to the design.

The clans forum is thriving with posts and members with a total of 62,036 posts in 3,439 threads and they currently have 1,493 members registered. This is a major achievement for any site to accomplish especially a clan site. The design of the forum (especially the background) is awesome and i actually think the background would be suited better as the background of the entire site.

The about us page is not done, this clan has been around for 3 years as stated by the copyright notice at the bottom of the site and this page is still incomplete, this is the selling point for your clan to acquire new members, gamers' wishing to join a clan will go to this page also when visiting your site and if there is nothing to read then there is nothing telling them what your clan is all about so it would be a great idea to get this page finished.

The members page is a nice page with every member in the clan listed, information stated is the clan members ID, there rank within the clan, there location and awards they have one within the clan. This is perfect and tells me everything i need to know about the members (example: i live in the UK i need to know if there are going to be enough members from the UK in the clan so I’m not up at 4am in the morning just to get a game with them).


The clan have a medals page which show the medals they can earn within the clan and a description of each on and how to earn it, these include medals such as Filmmaker Medal: Awarded to Members that Contributed to the D$A Youtube Channel, Merit Award: This Award is Given to the Strongest Recruiters in the Clan and even The Hard Way or No Way SOTM Medal: This is Awarded to the Member of the Month and there are many more on offer. This clan has the right idea to award members medals within the clan as it gives them a reason to want to climb the ranks and be loyal to the team.

The Awards page is a great feature! it highlights the awards the clan as a whole have won from other websites and legit companies such as the rank within Call Of Duty: EL!TE, CNOP Recognised clan award and even awards from the old Clan-Vision website. This is awesome and we must congratulate you on earning all of the awards.

The clan have all the 3 major social media pages present on there site helping to spread the word on the clan even further, we have liked your Facebook page and followed you on Twitter.

And finally the clan have a we written rules page that consists of 8 easy to follow rules for all clan members which add’s stability and order to the clan.











Great awards page: showing the clan achievements off to the world
Forum present within the site for chats and recruiting new members
Clan Rules:
order in the clan is the basic must have
Clan Medals:
giving the clan more reasons to join the clan
Social media:
this clan is letting the world know there here






Death Skull Army is a great clan site with a very unique style, I like to see sites that don't look to generic and this far from it, well done on the site and do try the forum background on the main site, you might be surprised by the outcome and look.





























I would like to initiate this clan review by instituting the clans historical background. Founded in early 2010 by three hardcore gamers, Chainzs, skf4 and steveval. Although the protagonists of this clan originally started their dalliance in 2006 when the Playstation 3 was introduced to the mass public.
Death Skull Army primarily plays the Call of Duty, Killzone and the Battlefield series. The clan and in particular the leaders of the DSA clan strive to maintain to be a elite group of players, bounded from different country’s all over the world.
I think it is fair to conclude that Death Skull Army are one of the most established and accomplished clans in the clanning world today. With over 400 members, DSA is one of the biggest and largest among the gaming community.
Naturally, in my reach as clan reviewer, I wish to say a few things about the actual clan website.
A few things that marked my attention. Starting with the Death Skull Army clan logo. That is indeed a remarkable and graphically piece of art work. The second is a short conductive summary of rules within the organization. 
When moving on to the forum for example, I noticed that this page has a different background. I like the red background better than the more greyish one on the main page.
I like the hierarchy of the forums and there is a static posting activity. The owners or administrator made a great effort in installing some neat looking smiley’s and I know that members appreciate that greatly.
Members can also visit the shop frequently and buy all kinds of things with the points or money that they’ve earned. Also check out the clans merchandise store, they have some great products for sale there.
Social media icons are present and fully functional. Check out the clans YouTube channel, they have some great montages!
We from Clan Nation are always glad to see that clans work with ribbons, medals and awards. It is a great motivator for your members, so thank you for making them so distinctive.
As a final note I wish to recommend this clan to anybody who seeks a hardcore gaming clan. From my personal experiences I can only say they are a fine group of boys and girls and I hope they stay around for a long time.


From us here at Clan Nation "Keep up the good work!”












Own custom domain
Easy to find on Google
Clan events and assembly’s
Awards and ribbons for members
Killer clan logo
Very active with many members
Very competitive
Code of conduct
Great background






No About us section.





I failed to find a about us section. Yes, there is short summary on the main page, but I would like to see a separate about us section that explains the clans psychological dogma for instant. You guys have a great community going here.













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