My name is André, I am just an average Joe that lives in New-Brunswick Canada, where I work, eat, drink, play and sleep. I share my life with two dogs, one cat and bearded dragon.  Most of you ''the internet people'' probably know me better as Chainzs, I have been using that pseudo on the web since God knows when. Yes I  am the one that works on this website, if you have a compliment, you can always send me an email or just register on the forums and let me know about it, if it's for a complaint, here's a tissue, that's the best I can do, I am not getting paid for this and I do it as a hobby.  :o)


  • I was born on June 17th,1975. (Yes I had an Atari at some point in my life)

  • I work for a manufacturer of injection-molded plastic products.

  • I taught myself how to program computers, design WebPages and blogs, how to create graphics with Photoshop and so on..

  • I like to play PS3-PS4 online games and surf the web.

  • I want to live on an Island far away from Civilisation and become my own Superhero.

  • My love for meat will never allow me to become a vegetarian.

  • I founded and co lead with an other Canadian, Steve (steveval) and an Aussie Girl named Stephanie (skf4)

  • I drive a Jeep Wrangler with the D$A logo on it.

  • In High School, I was that kid that never seemed to be paying attention, I was in my own little world of drawings on my notebooks.

  • Yes, you can consider me of the anti-social type.  I prefer to keep myself company than to be immersed in a room full of fake boring people.

  • You respect me, I will respect you.  That is my take on life in general.


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 I am glad you took the time to know me better and do hope you enjoy what you learned.



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