My name is George, I'm currently living in Newfoundland. I've been playing videogames for as long as I can remember.   I'm a Sony guy all the way, ever since the PS1 I got for Christmas & I cant wait for the PS4 to get back into my trophy whoring ways. I'm currently married to my awesome wife who games as well and is a member of this clan & I have 2 dogs as well.  I've been going by Gdomini2007x for as long as I've been gaming but most people call me "Gdom" because they tend to almost hurt themselves trying to pronounce it.  Why 2007?...I have no idea. As the Recruiting Officer for Death Skull Army I'm a guy you can add and ill definitely accept you and help you with any questions about the clan and the recruiting process. Just send me a message on D$A and I should reply fairly quickly as I live on the site. :)




  • I was born June 1st 1987.
  • I'm the Supervisor of a Recycling depot.
  • My first PS1 game was Medieval. (It sucked lol)
  • I listen to bands such as Shinedown, Disturbed, FFDP etc.
  • I live pretty close to Chainzs & Steveval.
  • I'm interested in editing videos/images and making YouTube videos.
  • I collect Knives/swords/Throwing knives. (No I'm not a serial killer)
  • I joined D$A January 2012 and don't plan on going anywhere.
  • I'm a give what you get kinda person.
  • In high school I kept mostly to myself although I was on multiple sports teams.
  • I hate the snow with an undying passion. Brrrr
  • Im a stats guy, I like having good stats in games like COD but I'm a team-first. player. The "W" is what matters people not your sniper K/DR.


Gdomini2007x is Active on both


Thanks for taking the time to get inside my head a little.

I'm not responsible for anyone lost in there.



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