My name is SK, if you are successful in joining our Clan you will get to know what that means.  I live in Australia, but did live in Canada for quite a while, hence the loyalty to my friends in New Brunswick. I live, breath, eat and sleep Sony PlayStation. Probably why I have Purple hair? Like Chainzs, I love animals, I have a fur ball called ‘MuFFun’ and 7 Possums.

I am not into Trophies, just world rankings and Playing to win. skf4 has been my handle on the web since the original PlayStation, some people say,,,,, it stands for, “Supreme Killing Female” I will let you be the judge.

Warning: Chainzs and Steveval are good men and true, so I call out and do my ‘Gina Hard Faced Bitch’ if there is an issue with a FuckTard on our site! I am not a nice person if you Phuc with our Clan or members!







  • I was born not so long ago, I am younger than ‘Harrumph Harrumph.’
  • I love competitive gaming and being competitive in my life.
  • I race JeT sKi’s in open Ocean Racing and wave jump for fun, my record is 54 feet of clean air between me and the Ocean.
  • I started out sweeping my families factory floors when I was a Girl baby and worked my way up. We are now 113 years in business and I have the Purple hair to prove it ugh....!
  • I prefer animals to humans, except the people that make a good and lasting honest impression on me. They are few and far between.
  • I have learned the hard way, life is to short to be trivial, spiteful, hurtful or phake.
  • I love my alone time in my spa at night under the star’s.
  • I love the smell of the Ocean.
  • I love my friends, no matter where they are in the world and always will.
  • I am not technically minded with computer code like Chainzs and Steveval.
    So long as 1+1 = 4. I am happy.

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