I've been playing the call of duty series for years...if you're looking for a diverse group of gamers from all over the world....D$A is the clan for you...they've got your back with a HARD WAY OR NO WAY attitude....5 star clan.....well reviewed....definitely giving 5 stars.  



  Death Skull Army to me has the qualities of a gaming "Family". There's no such thing as not fitting in when you play here. Appreciation for your activity in the clan include things like Medals and/or promotions to leadership roles. Not having strict regulations on things like K/DR allow the clan to have fun and still kick ass in the process. D$A is a great gaming community to get involved with for a long period of time and i highly recommend it!


The best Gaming Community Ever ! I am not only saying that because I own the place but I truly think we have made something incredible out of this clan.  People are very helpful and ALL our Clan Members encourage Fair Gaming. They do not judge people for differences in Skill or Abilities but are always willing to give suggestions when asked.  I will Give us a 4 Stars Rating because there is always something we can work on improving.  


  This clan is like a family when you join cuz all of the members of death skull army always has your back on the battlefield...

Death skull army is one of a kind and all of the members are always sweet.... Death skull army always Play's hard work's hard that's why we do it the HARD WAY OR NO WAY.



I've been in D$A for two years now. I searched for weeks to find the best clan and I picked this one. From day one they treated me like they've known me for years. I love this family and would never leave.  

  D$A is like a family away from a family. A place to feel wanted and regardless your skill level they will take you in. Its all about having fun on the virtual battlefield and that's what they have to offer. Once you join you will have no need to look any further.



I've been playing Call of duty for years now. In the beginning I thought clans were stupid and a waste of time. I got introduced to the clan and was welcome with open arms from the very start. It truly is like a family. You got people from all walks of life around the world, meeting online to have each others back. That impressed me. Another thing that impressed me was the HARD WAY OR NO WAY approach. Especially with all the cheating that happens on these games these days its great to know you're in a clan that does everything the way they're supposed to.... the hard way. You won't find another clan with the unit cohesion of this clan. Great leadership up and down the chain, no pun intended. Overall just a great group of guys and gals.

Glad I decided to be apart of it.

  II originally came to this clan after the one I created like 4-5 years ago fell apart due to mass cheating I was looking for a clan with strict no cheating rules and who are hardcore gamers but are not stuck up. and that is what I found in D$A great people and even better gamer. I have learned a lot from all of you and in turn have helped me get better at the game I have also met some awesome people who have boosted my gaming morale and made me a better person in a way that I don't underestimate what I can do in game and it feels great. after joining this awesome clan I went from having cod games ending in 10 - 5 - 30 to a base line of 20 - 16 - 12 and even getting as far as 36 - 20 - 17 by using the skills that I have learned from other clan mates . this great clan is like a big family and every one gets along great and is more than happy to help out when some on needs it. from start to now it has been a wild ride and I hope this clan has many years to come hopefully 10 or more great clan great people great gamers and awesome friends :)
The best thing about being part of D$A... is that you don't need to be good at a game to feel welcomed here. The forum is a place to come to find information get help or to even get a feel chuckles. So if you are looking for a KICK ASS clan to join D$A just might be the one for you  
  It took about a year for me to join the clan, leaving the old one behind. Immediately I was glad I did. I don't remember what took me so long to leave but that's history now. This clan is the shit. Almost always someone online to play with and most of the people I've joined are pretty good sports. A lot of fun to be had over mics in games. Really like doing the clan ops because it really brings us together. To me, this is what being in a clan is all about; teamwork. 5 stars.
D$A is a awesome clan. I've been here a year and have met no problems yet. Everyone is nice and people are almost always online. I would recommend it for almost anyone looking for a clan. Although we still have some stuff to work on.  
  This clan has become a great second family! Always understanding and always can have a good time here. Everyone here is a good friend I consider! Lots of fun drunk raging and gaming on cod. D$A for life!
Good gaming with a great, but nutty bunch! Couldn't ask for any better!  
I'm new and getting the hang of the website from the time I have joined the people here which now I'm pretty sure I'm friends with have been opened arms and made me feel like family from day one this is the BEST Clan ever and it's the best decisions I have plus it makes games more exciting Death Skull Army


 I just been here in the clan about few months but This clan is one amazing clan that will always have your back on! DSA is a family all over the nation! We do all the stuff the hard way! If you need help with something you can ask anyone where all friendly! Join us and you will have in amazing clan forever..  


  5 stars with out a doubt DSA have been more than welcoming to me, I'm doing my months trial with DSA and they treated me like I was in the clan already from the first day of being here I hope that I get in and if I do this truly would be a clan for life.


I joined D$A back in 2012 and this clan is one awesome group to play with!  This clan will have your back. We be it "The Hard Way Or No Way''. I joined DSA back in 2012 and this clan is one awesome group to play with!
This clan will have your back..We be it "The Hard Way Or No Way"


  I have been apart of many clans/communities and teams over the years, and I have to say I have never been apart of a more organized, friendly and informant group of gamers ever. Although I am new to the PS3 and PS4 systems Im sure that i will be well up to speed with all the info and news.
I have always been a Xbox player and Halo has been my choice of game since Halo first came out, But i am very sure that I will be happy playing COD: Ghost and Destiny while in this clan. I cant wait to get my system and get started.

-Mr G4M3Rx93-

I give this clan a 1000/1000 because back in 2012 no one wanted me because of my PSN ID and you were the only clan that let me and I'm thankful for that thanks SK, Chainzs, steveval for letting me when no other clan wanted me. You guys are the best thanks for taking me in  
  After spending my weekend on the wackbag forums, I just want to tell you how an amazing group of people you guys are! People are assholes on the internet, but you're not! What's up with that!? This is not a star rating, I've been waiting to do that because I want to think it through. I just wanted to let you know how good it was to be back here to read your great, informative and friendly posts!










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