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Death SkuLL ArmY Recruiting Policies - skf4 - 07-08-2010 06:11 AM

[Image: DSAPolicies.png]

A) There is a waiting period of 1 month before you can be considered for Death SkuLL ArmY Clan membership. Even then, Clan membership is not guaranteed.

B) You must be active on our Clan Website, this does not mean Spam and/or spaming the shout box for a minimum of a month.

C) You must party ingame with at least 2 of the 3 Clan Leaders, Recruiting Officer and/or Squad Commanders and as many clan members as possible during the 1 month waiting period.
Even if you have partied with us before ingame, this 1 month will apply from date of Clan membership request.

D) You must receive a minimum of 10 rep points from clan members, not a Clan Leader.

E) You must fill out all your details at registration time honestly and correctly, we will find out if you have been diss~honest.

F) If you are successful in your application to become a member of The Death SkuLL ArmY, then you will be referred to the rules and by~Laws of this Clan. This is the point where you will decide yes and/or no to whether you wish to accept membership to The Death SkuLL ArmY.

G) You must be 15 years or older to join DeatH SkuLL ArmY Clan. We do make exceptions via the dicression of the Co- Leaders and Recruiting Officer.

All 3 Clan Leaders ,Staff Members and Clan Members {if they wish to contribute} will agree on your acceptance to The Death SkuLL ArmY.

Finally: If you send a Friend Request via the PSN, please identify yourself as D$A.

For and behalf of,

Skull The DeatH SkuLL ArmY Clan Leadership Team Skull