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Ban Appeal Regulations and Format - Chainzs - 06-20-2014 03:47 AM

Being Banned from the D$A Forums can be upsetting, especially if you think the ban is wrong,
this section here might give you a second chance.

Remaining Calm is key here. You will NOT get anywhere with rage posts or overreactions.

Before you appeal, please re-read the RULES (click here) and check if you have not overlooked anything.

Some points to consider when placing an appeal:
  • Make sure to include your username.
    Both PSN and here on the D$A Forums if they are not the same.
  • Why we should consider your appeal.
  • What was the reason you were banned.
    Be honest. Lying to an appeal will end up in the appeal being Instantly denied.
  • DO NOT send us emails or private messages on the PlayStation.
    We will not engage in non-public discussions. This keeps things fair for YOU and US.
  • We DO NOT accept money for an unban. (Unless you are filthy rich then we do accept Paypal) Jester

You should get an admin response within 24h.